Rank 83.7 % 2257
40000.33896 BOA 40000.0 BOA
Status Active
Effectiveness 100% - Perfect
799(100% )
62635(100% )
Agora-Mainnet Statistics
Active Validators 2638
Pending Validators 0/0
Staked BOA 105,509,773 BOA
Average Balance 46,259.29 BOA
Epoch Slot Status Time Root Hash Att. Dep. Sl. Pro/Att Ex. Graffiti
Epoch Slot Status Time Committee Incl. Slot Opt.Incl.Dist.

Execution Chain Deposits

This table displays the deposits made to the Agora-el deposit contract.
From Address Tx Hash Block Time Amount Valid
0xBB5141… 0x9ca3de… 1488132 40000 BOA true

Consensus Chain Deposits

This table displays the deposits received and processed by the consensus chain.
Epoch Slot Time Amount Withdrawal Credentials Signature
9,712 310,789 40000 BOA 0x0002f1… 0x81509e…
Epoch Slot Time Recipient Address Amount
Validator History
Epoch Balance Change Att. & Prop.